Sparks in August

Monthly Collection of Inspiring Things


Hi friends. I’m starting a new thing. At the end of the month, I’ll share a few things that inspired me, gave me joy, or made me think in the last 30 days.

I’m starting out with just three, so as not to overwhelm you or me. :)

Note: I’m not an affiliated any of these companies/people I just appreciated them and want to share.

🎙️Podcast Episode:  “Growing Up With Toni Morrison” by The Cut on Tuesdays

It was a huge loss this month with the passing of Toni Morrison. The ladies of The Cut on Tuesday talk to women who grew up with Morrison’s books, and how they were influenced by her work. 

Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts!

📖 Book:  Building A StoryBrand by Donald Miller

This book has blown my mind this month and I believe it is an essential read for any business owner. It’s all about the importance of telling a story in your marketing. Learn how to clarify your message so customers will listen, and so you can grow your business.

The biggest takeaway for me was this concept: as a business owner, you are NOT the hero of your customer’s story, you are the guide

Check it out here, at your local library, or wherever you like to get your books.

✍️ Practice: Future Self Journaling from The Holistic Psychologist

I first came across The Holistic Psychologist (aka Dr. Nicole LePera) through a shared post on Instagram. After following her account, I noticed her stories showed her in a daily practice of Future Self Journaling. I love this idea that we can heal ourselves and create who we want to be through small, daily practices. It’s a commitment of only 8-10 minutes a day. I’ve done it for 31 days in a row, and now I’m eyeing her re-parenting guide as a next step. 

Check out her website or this blog on Future Self Journaling.

And that’s it! Thanks for checking out my first-ever “Sparks of the Month” blog.

Karen Styles