Trust me, I know what it’s like to be frustrated at work. A few years back, I was a recruiter and I was frustrated as hell at work. The annoying thing was, this was the best job, with the highest salary and the coolest colleagues I’d ever had. And it STILL wasn’t making me happy.

Honestly, I was annoyed at myself for it. Why couldn’t I be satisfied with this great job? And when I started looking around for other opportunities, nothing really excited me.


That’s when it hit me. I couldn’t work for someone else anymore. But me, start a business? I had no idea how to do that! And at that point, I was too scared to try. So instead, I switched jobs. And six months later, I was bored. Again.

At the end of 2018, I decided IT WAS TIME.  Time to take action and create the work life that I really wanted. I dug deep and made a plan. I found a way to do the work I love with the people I most love working with, and I can’t wait to help you too.

This is where my superpowers come in:

  • I help people discover who they are and what they can do.

  • I’m extra curious.

  • I know that magic happens in a great conversation.

  • I’m an excellent question asker. I keep going until we get to the heart of the matter.

  • I have a killer gut instinct that tells me when to keep pushing just a bit more.

  • Your shit doesn’t scare me and I stay present with pain.

So many women are so frustrated and weighed down by the hopelessness they feel that they don’t even remember what they’re good at anymore.

Sound familiar?

Working together, I help my clients remember what they love and what they’re good at. But most importantly, I’m going to dig down and stir something up in you - that thing that you really want to do, the thing you forgot about or told yourself was silly or stupid or not serious enough - that’s the thing we’re going to bring to the surface. And once we figure that out, we’re going to light that baby up and you’ll finally be excited about doing work you love again.


Work with me, and you’ll probably hear about my cats, a podcast that inspired me, a rare gin I love, a book I’m obssessed with (but not necessarily in that order).


Getting back to the why of your career changes everything.

It’s time to reconnect to your deepest desires, stop waiting, and start taking steps toward doing the work you really want to do.

Sound good?